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After 20 years of successful casino marketing, KK BOLD
still has plenty of strategic tricks up its sleeve.

3 Martini Lunch

When two marketing powerhouses get together, there is no limit.
Meet our Las Vegas affiliate who raises the ante in our casino marketing world.

Las Vegas

Jackie Hawkinson Will Outlive Us All; Celebrates 27 Years at KK BOLD >

jackieH_770x276KK BOLD’s VP of Operations and longest-serving staff member (except maybe LaRoy; we’ll check on that and get back to you) Jackie Hawkinson recently completed her 27th year at KK BOLD. Which is a crazy big number, which is why she gets her own article in the agency e-newsletter.

Ted Hanson and Nathan Engel: Anniversary Buddies >

NateTedThere’s really only one thing better than a work anniversary, and that’s a shared work anniversary. Ted Hanson and Nathan Engel don’t actually share the same anniversary date, but if they could, we’re certain they would. Because that’s just the kind of friends they are: the kind that like to needlessly share work anniversaries with one another.

Medora Musical Turns 50; KK BOLD Brings Cake >

Medora_770x276The Medora Musical’s 50th Anniversary Season debuted on June 5th of this year, and Medora is well underway to a tremendous season this summer. As Medora’s agency of record, we’re excited to be along for the ride and working hard to make this anniversary year a record success.

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