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After 20 years of successful casino marketing, KK BOLD
still has plenty of strategic tricks up its sleeve.

3 Martini Lunch

When two marketing powerhouses get together, there is no limit.
Meet our Las Vegas affiliate who raises the ante in our casino marketing world.

Las Vegas

KK BOLD Opens Nominations for the Second Annual “Step Up!” Community Service Project >

stepUpBlogNominations begin today for a non-profit/not-for-profit agency to receive up to $15,000 in free creative services from KK BOLD. KK BOLD is inviting participation in its second annual Step Up! community service project through a five-week public nomination and voting process. Nominations can be made on the KK BOLD website at; voting will take […]

KK BOLD Gives Designer Genes a Step Up! in 2014 >

KK BOLD provides Marketing and Advertising services to Designer GenesNow that the holidays have come and gone, it is a time for reminiscing and reflection. No, not of the most recent holidays. Those ones were terrible. All we wanted was a pair of roller-blades. What was so hard about that? Grumble. Rather, let’s remember the year prior, and the introduction of KK BOLD’s first […]

And the Step Up! Winner is… >

Bold Step Up! a community service program by KKBOLDWell, we won’t know that until you and everybody you can rally to vote for your favorite non-profit agency has lit up the KK BOLD and Facebook voting sites! But what we do know right now is that the nominees include an amazing cross-section of groups dedicated to making our little corner of the world […]

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A look back on how we gave back! #DesignerGenes #StepUp #KKBOLD #NorthDakota