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After 20 years of successful casino marketing, KK BOLD
still has plenty of strategic tricks up its sleeve.

3 Martini Lunch

When two marketing powerhouses get together, there is no limit.
Meet our Las Vegas affiliate who raises the ante in our casino marketing world.

Las Vegas

Norsk Høstfest Unleashes Pure Scandimonium in 2014 >

KK BOLD Festival Marketing for HostfestIn 2014, Norsk Høstfest was the Møstfest. It was certainly no Ghøstfest. Rather, it was more of a Grandiøsefest. New heights in attendance were achieved since 2010, younger demographics than ever before showed up, and KK BOLD was along for the ride. So as this year’s Norsk Høstfest had a lot of things of which […]

North Dakota Lottery Hits Jackpot With Batchy Award >

KK BOLDs television ad wins award for North Dakota LotteryYou might not know this, but it is possible to win big with the North Dakota Lottery in a way that doesn’t involve picking the right numbers and passing out in front of your television screen as they’re read off. Specifically, each year state lotteries around the country compete in the Batchy Awards, which are […]

Silver & BOLD: A 25th Anniversary Celebration >

Celebrating 25 years of marketing and advertising expertiseWe rolled out the red carpet, presented the Boldie Awards, ate the food and drank the specialty cocktails to celebrate 25 years of assisting clients meet their marketing, advertising and branding goals. Thank you to all of our clients, vendors, friends and staff for making KK BOLD your advertising agency of choice. Here are a […]

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